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Falanga & Chalker is a professional association of lawyers whose careers and reputations are distinguished by excellence and compassion. Our law practice is devoted exclusively to representing people who have been injured in accidents.

We represent Plaintiffs who have suffered injury through the negligence of others. The men and women in our law office have achieved distinction in their professional fields. We have a staff of distinguished lawyers, investigators, insurance claims analysts, paralegals, law clerks and support staff. Our sole purpose is to help our clients.

The clients who come to us are going through one of the worst times of their lives because they have encountered tragedy, physical injury, emotional trauma and financial disaster. We have chosen to apply our professional abilities to protecting and providing for their needs and rights. Before we accept a case, we make a personal commitment to it.

Our firm is based in Atlanta, Georgia. However, we also have offices in Riverdale, Greensboro and Ellijay Georgia. Our lawyers often are called in on cases throughout the United States. We have handled precedent-setting personal injury cases throughout the country including insurance bad faith, premises liability, medical negligence, product liability and automobile collisions.

People in our firm are leaders in their community. Our staff is active in religious, civic and political affairs. To understand fully the cases we handle involves great research and hard work. Each of our lawyers is skilled at researching both the law and the facts of the case. We delve deeply into the cases we work on because we firmly believe that preparation is the key to a successful outcome.

Thoroughness, honesty, and a team spirit are the things that distinguish this firm. These are the things that bind us together as professionals and set us apart as a firm. These are things that make our people exceptional.

Initial Intake and Specials Department

The first step in successfully resolving the client's claim is to find out as much as possible about the claim. The initial intake interviewer is a skilled professional whose job is to find out every important detail of what happened to the client. We have a set of forms this person goes by to make sure we get all the information from the clients. The information includes not only personal matters about the client, but it also includes a detailed description of the accident, that names of doctors, physical therapists, etc. The first part of knowing the case is to know the client.

After this, the office must document the injuries that the client has sustained. We spend many hours accumulating a large amount of information to make sure that the insurance company doesn't surprise us and so that we can file and process a comprehensive claim.

Claim Settlement And Investigation

When it comes time to settle the case, we have a true experts on our staff. Our trained negotiators are thoroughly familiar with the cases that come to them. They use their knowledge and skill to assist the attorneys to negotiate a prompt and fair settlement. Most clients need their money in an efficient manner. Although we would love to litigate every case, our clients are often better served by negotiation. This gets them their money quicker and less expensively.


No job is finished until the paperwork is done, which is taken very seriously at Falanga & Chalker. When a case concludes we want to make sure there is an accurate accounting of all money and all the people involved in the case are paid. We always protect valid doctor liens, subrogation liens, hospital liens and the liens of other professionals who worked on the case.

This is for the benefit of everyone. The outside professionals who help us document the case are as much a part of the client's team as any person in our office. We need the doctor's narrative, the accountant's statements of losses, or the economist's report to make the client's case. These people deserve to be paid for their time and services and our sterling reputation for honoring liens makes it easier to serve our clients through our excellent relationship with these professionals.

At the same time, it is much easier for the client to have us prepare the paperwork and write checks for the bills. We have a staff of professionals who make sure all the valid bills are paid and the clients gets every nickel coming to them. This is a hard bookkeeping job, but the integrity of our firm hinges on it. We're especially proud of the people in our closing department, they're always accurate because they check and record every figure and expense.

Firm Growth

Since Robert Falanga opened a small office over thirty years ago, the firm has grown phenomenally. He started with one small office and one employee. Now there are four offices. Robert Falanaga's vision and leadership have created a great force for justice in Georgia.

When Robert Falanga, opened the firm, he had approximately 50 clients. Now, the firm handles more than 500 personal injury cases each year. Robert once shared an office with another attorney. Now, the firm had grown into a major litigation complex in Atlanta with three satellite offices.

All of this is a result of vision , energy, leadership, but most of all people. Robert Falanga's unique way of looking for and finding the best in people is the type of thing most responsible for the law firm's success. This isn't the last chapter for this firm's story, it is only the beginning.

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