Auto vs. Pedestrian Collision - $355,000.00

Theresa and Frank Bono
William Tift Humber, et al.

Cobb County State Court Civil Action File No. 04A10477-6

Liability Facts: 48 year old female Plaintiff was a pedestrian walking on the sidewalk in her residential neighborhood. 17 year old male Defendant driving his motherâ™s SUV at a high rate of speed ran a stop sign, lost control of the vehicle and left the roadway striking the Plaintiff on the sidewalk. Defendant did not stop to render aid and fled from the scene of the accident. Defendant turned himself in to police with his parents two (2) days later and subsequently pled guilty to numerous traffic offenses including hit and run. Plaintiffs brought their action against Defendant driver and both of his parents under the family purpose doctrine. The settlement represents policy limits plus a substantial personal financial contribution from teenage Defendantâ™s parents.

Injury: Multiple pelvic fractures, right clavicle fracture, left medial meniscus tear, left ACL tear, rotator cuff tear, post traumatic stress disorder

Medical Experts: Plaintiff: Samuel Fleming, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, Craig Weil, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

Medical Expenses: $70,000.00

Settlement: $355,000.00

Attorneys: Plaintiff: Ronald F. Chalker, Falanga & Chalker
Defendant: J. Blair Craig, Harper, Waldon & Craig

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