Automobile Accident - $300,000.00


Fulton County Superior Court Civil Action File No. D-63744

Liability Facts: Ms. Wright was driving her car traveling southbound on Sandy Plains Road just outside the city limits of Marietta. The defendant, Mr. Luke C. Parr, an emplotee of P.H.C. Distribution Merchants was driving a van northbound on Sandy Plains Road. A collision occurred when Mr. Parr crossed over the center double yellow line and struck Ms. Wright's vehicle head-on. Both vehicles sustained extensive damages. The statements of three witnesses all agreed that Mr, Parr seemed to have had some type of seizure and swerved his van into oncoming traffic. Mr Parr had acknowledged to the investigating police officer on the day of the collision that he had a history of seizures and had been prescribed medication to prevent seizures. Mr. Parr further told the police officer that he had blacked out and could not remember exactly what had happened. Mr. Parr plead guilty in traffic court to the traffic offense of "driving on the wrong side of the road." Plaintiffs contended that the guilty plea was admissable against him as an admission of guilt on the issue of liability. See Thompson v. Hill, 143 Ga. App. 272

Injury: The plaintiff received a comminuted closed mid-distal third fracture of the left femur and a fractured hip requiring surgery for the insertion of orthopedic pins. Additionally, the plaintiff received 12 stitches to a laceration above her left eyebrow. Ms . Wright was initially hospitalized for two weeks and was later hospitalized on two other occasions for subsequent surgeries required for the removal of the orthopedic pins.

Medical Expenses: Approximately $18,500.00

Loss of Earnings: She incurred a lost wage claim of approximately $45,000.00

Settlement: $300,000.00

Attorneys: Plaintiff: Robert A. Falanga, Falanga & Chalker

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