Bicycle Accidents in Milledgeville

Bicycle Accident

Milledgeville, Georgia is a typical college town where many of the students commute around the city on bicycles. Therefore, college towns, like Milledgeville, have a higher percentage of bicycle accidents per population then most of the average cities around Georgia. When you need a Milledgeville personal injury attorney you should utilize the expert services offered here at the Law Offices of Falanga and Chalker. We have handled hundreds of bicycle cases throughout our 36 year history of the law firm. If you want full, fair and complete compensation for your personal injury case then fill out the “Contact Us” form on this web site.

The typical motor vehicle-bicyclist personal injury case presents several unusual problems similar to those presented in motorcycle accident cases. Both the bicyclist and the motorcycle rider are expected to abide by and be familiar with the uniform rules of the road. However, the bicyclist, like a motorcycle rider, while riding upon a city street or highway is granted all of the same rights that apply to a driver of a motor vehicle.

Most bicycles don’t have turn signals and therefore Georgia law requires an operator of a bicycle to indicate with their arm a signal of the operators intention to make a turn. The left arm extended straight out and to the left will indicate a left hand turn and the left arm bent at the elbow and point up towards the sky will indicate a right hand turn. See O.C.G.A. Section 40-6-291. Georgia law forbids a bicycle rider from allowing another person to ride along with them on the handle bars of the bicycle as this can cause the bicycle to become unstable. In fact, Georgia law forbids carrying any other people at any one time other than the number of seats available for which the bicycle was designed to carry. Georgia law also forbids any person from transporting a infant under the age of one year on any bicycle. See O.C.G. A. Section 40-6-292.

Another Georgia law makes it illegal for any bicycle rider to hang onto or attach to a moving motor vehicle being operated upon a roadway. See O.C.G.A. Section 40-6-293. Bicyclists are never to ride more than two abreast on any street or roadway unless they are on a designated bicycle lane or pathway and when riding in a bicycle lane shall always ride in the same direction as the motoring traffic on the roadway. See O.C.G.A. Section 40-6-294. All bicycles in Georgia are required to have a white light in the front and a red light in the back for night time driving capable of being seen for 300 feet. All children under the age of sixteen are required to wear a bicycle helmet while operating a bicycle. See O.C. G. A. Section 40-6-296. Also, keep in mind that under Georgia law, a parent of a child violating any of these rules can be held guilty of a misdemeanor for knowingly allowing the child to violate these bicycle statutes.

Children and college students riding bicycles in and around the City of Milledgeville should always remember safety first as they are harder to be seen than other motor vehicles using the same roads and highways.

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