Boating Accidents

Boating is an outdoor hobby that can be fun for the whole family, but it is important to remember that accidents can occur. Boating accidents can involve all types of seafaring vessels and personal water craft like jet skis.

The operator and owner of a boat have a responsibility to take every precaution to decrease the chances of an accident and injuries to others. When they do not do so, tragedy can occur, and people can be hurt or killed.

If you are in a boating accident in the state of Georgia contact the attorneys at Falanga and Chalker.

Many boating accidents are preventable, the common causes of boating accidents are caused by, but not excluded to, alcohol use, careless or reckless operation, excessive speed, hazardous waters, operator inattention and operator inexperience. Additional common causes of boating accidents are failure to have a proper lookout, ignoring posted signs and warnings, operating a damaged or defective boat, or operating a boat in hazardous weather conditions. Boat engines produce toxic carbon monoxide, which could cause death or serious injuries to the passengers if they are exposed.

The majority of boating accidents are caused by three different scenarios that do not always involve a collision. The first is when the boat or water craft is damaged more than the minimum amount. The second is when a passenger is seriously injured or dies. The third is when a boat passenger disappears from the boat and they are suspected to have an injury or death has occurred. Sustaining an injury in a boating accident can be debilitating and devastating. In all cases the operator or owner of the boat must file an accident report.

If you are ever in a boating accident in Georgia there are a few steps that you must take. If you are the operator you must stop the vessel immediately at the scene, assist anyone who is injured, and give your information to anyone who is injured. The vessel operator involved in an accident must report it to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for any of the following events: If there is an accident resulting in the death or disappearance of a person, injury requiring first aid or medical attention, or property damage exceeding $2,000 to all involved in the accident.

Most boating accident reports must be made within 5 days of the accident. You must report the accident within 48 hours, if a person dies within 24 hours as a result of the boating accident, or a person is disabled for more than 24 hours, or requires medical treatment for injuries or disappears from the vessel.

In most cases, a person is at fault in a boating accident if they acted negligently. The attorneys at Falanga and Chalker will know the standard applied in the area where the boating accident occurred. The general rule is that people act negligently if they do not conduct themselves like a reasonable person.

While you are attending to your immediate matters from a boating collision or incident, like medical attention and rehabilitation, the attorneys at Falanga and Chalker can investigate the circumstances surrounding the boating incident and gather facts to build a case against the party responsible for the boating accident.

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