Buford, Georgia

Buford is a city that stretches out and is located in Gwinnett and Hall Counties, with most of the city falling within the county of Gwinnett. The area that is now known as Buford was originally Cherokee indian territory and despite the treaty in 1817 that ceded territory to the United States, the area was still largely uninhibited by the Cherokee indian tribe until the 1830’s. The first non-Native American moved to the Buford area in the late 1820’s or early 1830’s, however, the Buford area was not largely inhibited by non-Native Americans until sometime in the 1860’s. During post-Civil War construction on the railroad, Thomas Garner and Larkin Smith purchased land around the railroad and began developing what is now known as the city of Buford. The city of Buford was named after president of the Atlanta and Richmond Railway during the railroad’s construction, Mr. Algernon Sidney Buford. The Town of Buford was officially incorporated on August 24, 1872 and the name was changed to the City of Buford in 1896.

Many years ago, Buford became known for its leather production, becoming prominently associated with the leather industry and earning the nickname “The Leather City”. Buford specialized in leather riding saddles and the leather company that produced Bona Allen saddles were made available through the Sears catalog and many Hollywood actors would order saddles from the Bona Allen company. Once the Great Depression was finished, the use of horses for farming decreased and tractors took their place, therefore as time went on, Bona Allen was sold around 1968. In 2008, CNN Money ranked the city of Buford as number 3 in its annual “100 best places to live and start a business” list.

Buford has several trails and parks throughout the city, with over 7 miles being accessible from the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center and the Mall of Georgia. Buford Dam Park is next to Lake Lanier and has summer activity areas for swimming and boating. Lake Lanier Islands, a resort centered on summer fun for kids, is also located in Buford. Another hallmark located in Buford is The Mall of Georgia which is the largest mall in Georgia with over 200 stores and a 20 screen Regal Cinema and IMAX theatre.

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