Disputed Red Light Collision - $662,500.00

Jurisdiction: State Court of Gwinnett County

Liability Facts: This collision occurred on Thursday, March 6, 2014 at the intersection of Spalding Drive and Weatherburn Way in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Both the Plaintiff and the Defendant claimed that the other ran a red light causing the collision. At the scene of the collision, the Defendant told the investigating police officer that she couldn’t state for sure whether her light was green but she was absolutely certain that her light was not red after the lawsuit was filed denying that she had run the red light. Our client’s property damage to her vehicle was in excess of $9,000.00.

Injuries: Client complained of injuries at the collision scene but did not go by ambulance from the collision scene. Shortly after the collision, client went to her chiropractor to get checked out. At the chiropractor she complained of neck pain, a headache, mid back pain and low back pain. Her injuries progressed and so did her medical treatment. Client was treated by a chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncture, physiatrist, physical therapy, orthopaedic, and a neurologist. Client received MRI’s, epidural steroid injections under anesthesia, nerve facet blocks, trigger point injections, and radio frequency nerve ablation under anesthesia. After all conservative treatment efforts had failed, client underwent a anterior cervical discectomy and fusion surgery to her neck and subsequently had a right shoulder arthroscopic repair surgery. Case settled in mediation.

Medicals: $180,000.00 plus

Attorney: Robert A. Falanga

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