Douglasville, Georgia

Located at a natural rise, Douglasville was originally known as Skint Chestnut, which derived from a large tree used by Indians as a landmark, which was stripped of its bark, to be more conspicuous. The town of Douglasville was established by the Georgia General Assembly on February 25, 1875. When Douglasville was established the boundaries were very loose, the center was to be a point directly across from the courthouse, on the Georgia Western Railroad, to extend one half mile each way from the center. The city of Douglasville is now the county seat of Douglas County, Georgia. Douglasville is located about 20 miles west of Atlanta and is included in the Atlanta Metro Area. Interstate 20 runs through the city of Douglasville, with five different exits for the city in Douglas County.

The Central Business District of downtown Douglasville is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district. The majority of the buildings in downtown Douglasville are one and two story brick structures, with Victorian era commercial designs. In the center of town is a small plaza, known as O’Neal Plaza, which features a brick pyramid fountain, as well as a small performance venue, which is home to many festivals throughout the year. Downtown Douglasville hosts a diversity of professional, retail and government functions, but the construction of Interstate 20 drew much of the retail shopping activity into corridors perpendicular to the interstate. Arbor Place Mall is located in Douglasville, and it is home to over 100 shops and restaurants, with numerous department stores.

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