Industrial Accident - $530,000.00

Lawrence J. Deckle
Pumpco, Inc. The Concrete Pumping Company and Turner Construction Company, et. al.

Fulton county State Court Civil Action File No.: 98VS-146002-D

Liability Facts: Mr. Lawrence J. Deckle was injured on the job while working as a concrete truck driver for Allied Ready-Mix Co. This incident occurred on April 22, 1997 when they were building the new Douglas County Courthouse at the construction site. Mr. Deckle initially filed a workers compensation claim and was represented by a workers compensation attorney who recognized through discover that a potential third party claim existed for the negligent maintenance of a pump truck when a reducer pipe on the pump truck which was owned and operated by Pumpco, Inc., exploded which caused concrete to strike Mr. Deckle in the groin area of his body while standing near the rear of the pump truck. The Defendants denied that there was anything wrong with the reducer pipe or the pump truck and disputed Mr. Deckle's injuries as not being caused by this industrial accident.

Injury Facts: Mr. Deckle received a contusion to his groin area and was treated at the emergency room and released from the hospital. Mr. Deckle was subsequently treated by numerous urologists whom opined that his industrial accident rendered him impotent and Mr. Deckle subsequently underwent a surgical procedure for placement of a penile implant.

Medical Expenses: All medical bills in the amount of $62,000.00 were paid by workers compensation through Mr. Deckle's employed, Allied Ready-Mix Co. Allied Ready-Mix Co. Allied Ready Mix- Co. filed an intervenor action in the Plaintiffs lawsuit asserting a workers compensation lien for this amount which was compromised and satisfied for $10,000.00.

Experts: Plaintiff treating physician, David Henry Cornell, M.D. a urologist. William J. Morton, M.D. a urologist was utilized to bolster the credibility of Dr. Cornell.

Plaintiffs Attorney: Robert A. Falanga, Law Firm Of Falanga & Chalker, Atlanta, Georgia.

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