Injury in Bibb County

Recently, a historical event occurred when on July 31, 2012 the voters approved a measure to consolidate Bibb County with the county seat, Macon, and dissolve the government of the other incorporated municipality in the county which is Payne City. The current population in Bibb County is roughly 160,000 people. Bibb County was created by a legislative act on December 9, 1822 with the city of Macon being incorporated in December, 1823. At that time, the county of Bibb was carved from Jones, Monroe, Houston and Twiggs counties. Bibb County was named for Dr. William Wyatt Bibb, who was a physician from Elbert County who served in the United States Senate and House of Representatives before becoming the first elected governor of Alabama.

A five-member County Commission currently governs in Bibb County, with four commissioners elected from individual districts in the county. Bibb County’s elected sheriff is responsible for maintaining the county jail. It is currently planned through a consolidation to have the governments of Macon and Bibb County to be replaced with a single mayor and a nine-member countywide commission elected to office by numerous county districts. Bibb County consists of a total area of 255 square miles, of which 249 square miles is land and 6 square miles is water. Many highways run through Bibb County. Interstate 16, Interstate 75, and Interstate 475 all run through Bibb County, with easy access to Atlanta and south Georgia. Bibb County borders Jones County, Twiggs County, Houston County, Peach County, Crawford County and Monroe County. There are two nationally protected areas in Bibb County being Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and the Ocmulgee National Movement.

Bibb County has a population density of 616 people per square mile. Bibb County is located approximately 85 miles south of Atlanta, making it the heart or center of Georgia. Macon is the fourth largest city in the state of Georgia. Middle Georgia Regional Airport and the Herbert Smart Downtown Airport are the two local airports located in Bibb County. Macon is home to several famous musical artists. The area has been the birthplace or hometown of such musicians as The Allman Brothers Band, Randy Crawford, Little Richard, Otis Redding, Jason Aldean and Bill Berry of R.E.M. It is estimated that approximately 30,000 College students live and learn in the greater Macon area because Bibb County is home to Mercer University, Mercer Law School, Middle Georgia State College and Wesleyan College.

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