Injury in Greene County

Greene County is home to five different cities, accounting for a total population of roughly 16,000 people. The city of Greensboro is the largest city in Greene County, and is also the city for the county seat, with a population of 3,332 people. Union Point is the second largest with 1,550 people followed by Woodville with 420 people. Siloam and White Plains have the smallest population with Siloam having 337 residents and White Plains has 302. Greene County is named for General Nathanael Greene and the county is 406 square miles. Elevation in Greene County ranges from 435 to 750 feet above sea level, with annual rainfall being roughly 50 inches. Greene County has 16.5 miles of Interstate 20 running through the county and scenic Lake Oconee has 374 miles of shoreline.

The city of Greensboro was founded in 1786 and is the home of Lake Oconee. Greensboro’s downtown has beautiful examples of stately revival architecture, filled with enticing wares, antiques, clothing, gifts and jewelry. Siloam, was settled in the early part of the 19th century and is home of Nathanael Greene Academy. Siloam has several sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Union Point developed from a railroad junction in 1834, where it was home to the Chipman Union Hosiery Mill. Union Point is known for its Victorian residential and commercial structures as well as one of the state’s oldest churches, Bathesda Baptist church. White Plains, was named for the greyish white sandy soil, and is home to Holcomb’s Barbecue, a regional favorite recognized by Southern Living Magazine. Finally, Woodville was incorporated in 1911 and is located five miles north of Union Point, and includes the old schoolhouse and city hall, which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The schools in Greene County are very professional and respected throughout the state of Georgia for the high level of education they offer. Greene County is home to six different levels of public schools and three private schools. When visiting Greene County there are numerous attractions to view or attend; such as golfing on one of the 7 courses in Greene County, 5 different museums, 3 antique shops and numerous art galleries. The world famous Reynolds Plantation resort with the luxurious Reynolds Plantation Ritz Carlton Lodge hotel is located on Lake Oconee in Greene County.

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Residents of Greensboro, White Plains, Siloam, Union Point and Woodsville have an experienced personal injury and wrongful death law firm that has demanded the proper settlement for injured clients in Georgia for over 35 years, in their backyard, so if you or a loved one is ever injured in Greene County in one of these cities, please call the Law Offices of Falanga and Chalker.

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