Injury in Morgan County

Morgan County, which is known for its antebellum homes and rural scenery, was formed from sections of Baldwin County in 1807. Morgan County was Georgia’s 30th county, and is named after Revolutionary War general and later Virginia Congressman, Daniel Morgan, who is best remembered for his victory over the British at Cowpens in 1781. The city of Madison has been the county seat since its incorporation in 1809. Sherman’s army spared Madison from destruction because it was the home of pro-Union senator Joshua Hill. Morgan County is also home to the City of Rutledge, founded in 1845 and the city of Bostwick and the town of Buckhead, founded in 1891. Apalachee and Godfrey are also among the list of Morgan County’s communities. Morgan County includes Hard Labor Creek State Park and parts of Lake Oconee.

The first town lots in Madison were sold in 1809, because as the cotton industry expanded so did the population of Madison. Many of the wealthy plantation owners who lived in the county began building town houses, which are the antebellum homes you see on tour of the historic district. Madison had a series of three 3 great fires, that destroyed most of the town. However, the advent of Interstate 20 and the construction of Lake Oconee in the 1970s have greatly accelerated Madison and Morgan County’s growth.

Morgan County has a population upwards of 18,000 residents, with the majority living in the county seat of Madison. Morgan County has a total area of 354 square miles, with all but 4.96 square miles of it being land. The major interstate that runs through Morgan County is Interstate 20. Numerous U.S. Highways run through Morgan County, such as U.S. Route 129, U.S. Route 278 and U.S. Route 441. The counties adjacent to Morgan County are Oconee County, which is north, Greene County, which is east, Newton County, which is west and Putnam and Jasper County which are south.

Hard Labor State Creek Park is 5,804 acres and is located in Morgan County. The park is named after Hard Labor Creek, which is a small stream that cuts through the park. The creek’s name comes from Native Americans who found the area around the stream difficult to ford. Hard Labor Creek State Park is probably best known for its golf course. The course provides one of Georgia’s best golf values, along with a pro shop, driving range and discounts for seniors and children. The first hole has been called “the hardest starting hole in Georgia”.

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