Injury in Oconee County

Oconee County is named for the Oconee River, which runs along the eastern border of the county and flows down into Greene County where the river becomes Lake Oconee. Oconee County was officially recognized when some of the Watkinsville citizens became outraged that Athens was the new county seat for Clarke County. Oconee County was formed from land from Jackson County ceded by the Cherokee Indian Nation in 1875. Oconee County is home to Fort Edwards, which is a settlement that was built to protect residents against Creek Indian raids, but is now locally known as the reason why the University of Georgia decided to build in Athens. Apparently, they chose Athens in Clarke County and not Watkinsville because Fort Edwards had taverns and dance halls that would prove to be an evil influence and very distracting to the college students.

Oconee County is home to the city of Watkinsville which is the official county seat, as well as the cities and towns of North High Shoals, Bogart and Bishop. For many years, the Oconee County residents have enjoyed North High Shoals for its beautiful beaches, swimming, tubing and white water rapids. North High Shoals is located along the Apalachee River in Western Oconee County and was once home to the High Shoals Manufacturing Company. High Shoals Manufacturing Company was a large cotton plant that used about 400 bales of cotton annually and employed approximately 250 people from 1846 until it burned in 1928. History tells us that Bogart was originally named Osceola, but was changed to Bogart in honor of a respected gentleman in the railroad agency. The city of Bogart was officially incorporated in 1905 and thrived in the 1900’s with banks, hardware stores and a few cotton gins. The township of Bishop is the smallest incorporated community in the county, but Bishop was actually home to an amateur baseball team during the Great Depression. Bishop, similar to Bogart, also thrived in the 1900’s with a railroad depot, several stores, a dentist office, a bank, several cotton gins, hotels and other industries.

The business industry in Oconee County is excellent and the opportunities are plentiful for any aspiring business looking for a great place to move their business. Oconee County has an industrial park where business and industry expansions continue to grow and develop, while other locations are being planned and constructed for future commercial customers. Oconee County’s location within the Atlanta/Athens transportation corridor, its pro-business climate, the excellent school system along with it’s proximity to the University of Georgia are but a few of the many reasons why Oconee County is the 13th fastest growing county in the state of Georgia.

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