Injury in Putnam County

Putnam County was ceded from neighboring Baldwin County in 1807 and was named for General Israel Putnam who was one of the most noted patriots of the Revolutionary War. Putnam County is located in the heart of Georgia’s Piedmont region and was part of the land ceded by the Creek Indians in 1802 and 1805. Putnam County filled quickly with settlers, having a total population of 15,475 by 1820, and to put it in comparison, the total population in 2000 was 18,812. Eatonton was founded as the county seat of Putnam County in 1808 and was incorporated the following year. Putnam County is the birthplace of Joel Chandler Harris, who created the world famous “Uncle Remus” folklore tale. The folklore’s created by Harris have led to an Uncle Remus museum and laughs for millions of kids in countries all over the world. The second most famous person from Putnam County is Truett Cathy, who created Chick-Fil-A. The first Chick-Fil-A was founded in 1967 and now there are over 975 restaurants throughout the United States. Putnam County is home to the Rock Eagle 4-H Center. The Rock Eagle mound is 102 feet long and 120 feet wide and is believed to have been built by Native Americans over 2,000 years ago.

Putnam County and the city of Eatonton offer new and expanding businesses a healthy and affordable economic landscape supported by a business friendly environment. Putnam County has grown from an agriculture past into a broader business climate which includes manufacturing, tourism and retail. Recently Putnam County has seen a boom in the housing market due to its proximity to Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair as well as major employment hubs in Atlanta, Athens and Macon. Putnam County has a total area of 360 square miles, with all but 16 square miles being land, and the other being water. The major U.S highways that run through Putnam County are U.S. Route 129 and U.S. Route 441. Putnam County is surrounded by Morgan County to the north, Hancock County to the East, Jasper County to the West and Baldwin County and Jones County are south of Putnam County. Putnam County is also home to part of the Oconee National Forest which is a national protected area. The Oconee National Forest is comprised of 116,232 acres stretching throughout northern Georgia, mostly between the city of Macon and the city of Athens. There are many miles of hiking and equestrian trails within the forest and one trail for dirt bikes and four wheelers. Hunting camps are also available, during deer season, allowing hunters to set up a temporary home and camp.

While visiting Putnam County and the surrounding cities, please keep the Law Offices of Falanga and Chalker in mind if you or a loved one is ever involved in an automobile accident or a trucking accident. Accidents can be very scary, painful and chaotic and with certain instances only time can heal what you’re going through, but please remember you are entitled to your fair share of a personal injury or wrongful death settlement. Insurance companies are trained to manipulate situations and offer very low personal injury settlements so please don’t fall victim to their tricks. The Law Offices of Falanga and Chalker will send an attorney to you, free of charge, for a free consultation to help ensure that your legal rights are protected. Falanga and Chalker has four offices throughout Georgia, with one located at Lake Oconee in the neighboring city of Greensboro.

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