Parking Lot Accidents in Greene County

Parking Lot Accident Many accidents occur in the parking areas of factories, shopping centers, restaurants, amusement parks and other commercial parking lots. These parking lot collisions don’t just happen in the big metropolitan cities, but they also occur in the rural areas such as where our Greensboro, Georgia office is located. In Greensboro, Georgia and throughout rural Greene County we have numerous parking lots where the potential for a collision can and does occur. For instance, there are several parking lots at Reynolds Plantation at the golf courses, at the Ritz Carlton hotel, the Publix shopping center and the local restaurants around Greene County which all pose a threat for a parking lot accident. If you are ever the victim of a parking lot collision, expert legal advice is just behind Publix at Falanga & Chalker, located in the Parkside Commons office park. Our trained legal staff has handled hundreds of parking lot accident claims and we know how to get you a full, fair and adequate recovery for your personal injury claims arising from these types of vehicle collisions. To get started, please fill out the “Contact Us” form on this web site.

Parking lot accidents generally happen on private property so the local police usually don’t have jurisdiction to issue traffic violations, but you should always call the local police if you are involved in a parking lot collision as they will still document the collision and fill out a private property incident report. Parking lot accidents generally fall within the category of what lawyers refer to as common law negligence because statutory law does not apply to vehicle traffic on private property. Therefore, in the absence of statutory law regarding parking lot collisions, the general principles of common law negligence is that it is the duty of a driver to exercise ordinary and reasonable care and caution when driving around and through a parking lot. Liability is then determined upon the facts of each individual case applying these principals.

The factors which seem to be given the most weight when applying common sense principals are speed and lookout, who had the right of way, and occasionally, who had the last clear chance to avoid the collision. For instance, keeping a proper lookout applies especially to a driver who is backing out of a parking space and at all intersections of the parking lot. Most juries use common sense when determining liability in a parking lot collision with injuries. Therefore, the common sense rules of the road are usually applied by juries in rendering their liability decisions in a typical parking lot accident regarding which driver was at fault for the collision. Drivers of vehicles typically use the uniform rules of the road when driving on the roads and highways so why wouldn’t you use and apply the same driving principals when operating a vehicle in a private property parking lot. Because of the different issues involved in a parking lot accident, it is wise to utilize the services of an expert personal injury attorney such as Falanga and Chalker so that your rights and interests will be protected.

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