Personal Injury Settlement Brochure

Here at the law offices of Falanga and Chalker we refer to the settlement brochure as the “Case Evaluation and Settlement Demand Package”. In essence, this is the opportunity and is designed to “sell” your clients injury claims to the insurance company adjuster. The settlement brochure in a personal injury or wrongful death case should be carefully organized and contain both a factual and graphic presentation of the most distinct evidence that is convincing while having some emotional appeal in the claim for full, fair and complete compensation in the form of damages. The purpose of the case evaluation and settlement demand package in a personal injury or wrongful death claim is to stimulate and justify a prompt and reasonable settlement. At Falanga and Chalker we have a department that does nothing but gathering the information and supporting documents needed to compose a settlement brochure. We call it the “Specials Department” as they are obtaining all the special documents that are needed to support and document the asserted claims contained in the settlement brochure. After all the documents are gathered, then the file goes to the attorney to compose the settlement brochure and to plug in the demand figure.

Every settlement brochure should include certain sections that cover important topics that are of interest to the insurance company considering the personal injury claim. The settlement brochure must show facts sufficient to indicate a valid cause of action and to demonstrate the value of the claim. Our case history and evaluation settlement demand packages include the following sections:

  1. HISTORY OF THE ACCIDENT: This section describes how the incident which forms the basis of the claim occurred. A properly laid out written statement of the facts can be the core of the settlement brochure, outlining a factual presentation of the injured clients claim for damages. We include in this section any documents, photographs and supporting case law which helps to establish the liability case against their insured.

  2. INJURIES AND MEDICAL TREATMENT: This section outlines in chronological order all of the injuries, medical treatment and medical bills incurred by the injured victim. We also include in this section of medical records any disability ratings or temporary disability work statements to support our lost wage claims.

  3. OTHER INJURY RELATED ISSUES: This section contains any other related claims that arose from the clients personal injury or wrongful death claims such as lost wages, husband or wife’s loss of consortium claim and other such incidental expenses related to the claim.

  4. SETTLEMENT DEMAND: This section is where the attorney makes his reasonable demand in the form of a monetary demand figure for settling the case. We also explain here that if our demand exceeds the amount of insurance coverage then, in that event, we make this our demand for the insurance policy limits.

The intent of the settlement brochure is to outline all of the facts, medical data and applicable law into a persuasive presentation of your clients personal injury or wrongful death claims. If you or a loved one is in need of a personal injury attorney who has considerable experience in drafting a very persuasive settlement brochure, then please reach out to the law offices of Falanga and Chalker by filling out the “Contact Us” form on this web site.

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