Premises Liability - Wrongful Death - $750,000.00

JTammy B. Turner and Kenneth M. Turner, as parents, guardians and next friends of Kentrell Marcel Turner, deceased
Mohawk Industries, Inc.

Settled prior to suit.

Liability Facts: This fatal incident occurred at approximately 6:19 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 on the premises of Mohawk Industries, Inc. which is located at 120 Barnet Drive, Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia. On this particular day, Kentrell had accompanied his mother, Ms. Tammy B. Turner and her friend, Ms. Melinda Davis, to Mohawk Industries, Inc. wherein employees and their families had been invited onto the property to get plywood and wooden crates which Mohawk Industries, Inc. was giving to their employees. While employees of Mohawk Industries, Inc. were loading Ms. Turnerâ™s truck, Kentrell went over to a large yellow railing which was just outside of the building in order to sit down.

Unfortunately, the railing (which did not belong there, it belonged inside the building) had no support, therefore, when Kentrell attempted to sit on the railing in turned over and fell on top of him. The metal railing struck Kentrell in the throat and chest. Kentrell was helped out from under the railing and stood up prior to collapsing to the ground in full cardiac and respiratory arrest.

Kentrell was taken by ambulance from the accident scene to the emergency room of Oconee Regional Medical Center wherein he arrived at 6:54 p.m. and the initial assessment was that he was in full cardiac and respiratory arrest. Upon arrival at the emergency room a code âœblueâ was immediately issued and all appropriate measures were taken by the code team in an effort to revive this young child and give him a chance at life. Unfortunately, the attempts made to revive Kentrell were unsuccessful, he was unresponsive to all intervention - no pulse, no breathing and no cardiac rhythm, therefore, at 7:05 p.m. young Kentrell Marcel Turner was pronounced dead. The Coronerâ™s Office was notified and an investigation report was completed which revealed that Kentrell died from blunt force trauma to the chest.

Injury: Kentrell M. Turner died from blunt force trauma to the chest.

Medical Experts: None

Medical Expenses: Oconee Regional Medical: $1,665.00
Funeral Expenses: $5,944.00

Settlement: $750,000.00

Attorneys: Plaintiff: Robert A. Falanga, Falanga & Chalker
Defendant's: Stevan A. Miller, Drew, Eckl and Farnham, Atlanta, Georgia

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