Riverdale, Georgia

The city of Riverdale has quite a humble beginning. Back in 1860 before the Civil War ever came to Georgia, settlers moved to the city we now know as Riverdale. There were railroad tracks built from Atlanta to Fort Valley with a few local stops in 1887. The railroad needed wood, so a farmer named Monroe Huie, developed an idea to provide wood to the railroad. The railroad would bring fertilizer to the area, which is why fertilizer was the first business venture in the area. As time went by, it became difficult for the railroad to secure land for its tracks, a depot, and housing for it’s workers. Therefore, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Rivers donated some of their land to the railroad that they owned along the town’s entire business district. After this land donation, the town became a main stop for the railroad.

In 1908, Mr. G.M. Huie, representative of Clayton County, introduced a bill requesting the town of Riverdale, Clayton County, Georgia, be established and incorporated. The town was being named in honor of Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Rivers.

Riverdale is located 10 miles south of Atlanta, and only 5 miles from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, which is one of the nation’s busiest airports. Riverdale, Georgia has a population of over 14,000 people and is considered the second largest city in Clayton County by population.

Sometimes a person finds themself in a position where they have to make a personal injury claim against a city such as the city of Riverdale. For instance, they might trip and fall on a defectively designed or hazardous Riverdale city sidewalk . They may be involved in a car accident or trucking collision involving a city owned vehicle that was negligently driven by a city of Riverdale employee. Filing and pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a city governmental agency is tricky and can lead to the denial of your personal injury or wrongful death claim if certain mandatory time restrictions are not met. These mandatory time restrictions are in addition to the two year state of limitations requirement for a personal injury or wrongful death claim. If you have a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a city, county or state government agency, you should immediately seek legal advice from the experienced personal injury attorneys at Falanga and Chalker who can advise you of the notice (called “Ante Litem Notice”) requirements involved with your city, county or state personal injury or wrongful death claims.

For instance, when filing a claim against a city such as the city of Riverdale, for your personal injury claim, the Georgia state law states as follows:

OCGA § 36–33–5. This statute provides, in relevant part:

1. (a) No person, firm, or corporation having a claim for money damages against any municipal corporation on account of injuries to person or property shall bring any action against the municipal corporation for such injuries, without first giving notice as provided in subsection (b) of this Code section.
(b) Within six months of the happening of the event upon which a claim against a municipal corporation is predicated, the person, firm, or corporation having the claim shall present the claim in writing to the governing authority of the municipal corporation for adjustment, stating the time, place, and extent of the injury, as nearly as practicable, and the negligence which caused the injury. No action shall be entertained by the courts against the municipal corporation until the cause of action therein has first been presented to the governing authority for adjustment.

Additionally, a person is barred from recovering any amounts for personal injury damages that are greater than the amount of the city insurance policy limits as any amounts in excess of the insurance policy limits would be barred under the legal theory known as “Soverign Immunity”. Soverign immunity goes back in time to England where the royal rule of law was that you could not sue the king unless the king said that you could sue him. Therefore, you can’t sue the city except for the amount of their liability insurance policy because they enacted a statute that says that they are immune from any personal injury liability over and above their liability insurance policy limits for any city, including the fine city of Riverdale.

Since November 1994, Falanga and Chalker has had a satellite office located in Riverdale, Georgia. The attorneys at Falanga and Chalker practice personal injury law, which has many different branches from auto accidents to wrongful death. At this particular location the staff at Falanga and Chalker specialize in auto accidents. As of 2012, there were over 10,000 cases that came through our Riverdale, Georgia location, and ninety (90%) percent of those cases were auto accidents, even though our staff is well versed in all areas of personal injury law.

Auto accidents injure thousands of people every year. Some of the injured victims of auto accidents or trucking accidents cannot work again. Many cannot enjoy the life they once lived. The law provides compensation for people who were injured because a negligent driver did not obey the routine rules of the road or failed to drive in a safe manner. Most of the injured victims will not get justice because they try to settle their own cases or have waited too long to get help. Don’t allow yourself or a loved one to fall victim to this and contact the attorneys at Falanga and Chalker, where our staff are well trained and educated in personal injury law.

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