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When we go to trial on a tractor trailer collision case in front of a jury we always paint a picture of responsibility owed to the motoring public by the negligent truck driver. We explain to the jury that driving these big rigs is serious business and requires serious caution and attention on the part of the tractor trailer driver. That’s why the law requires a special license with specialized training for operating one of these trucks. That’s because if something goes wrong, due to someone’s negligence in driving one of these tractor trailers, then serious consequences in the form of extensive injuries and death will and does occur.

Therefore, we explain to the jury that they have got to hold the driver of the tractor trailer to a higher standard of care because of all his additional training and because he holds in his possession a special license that says that he’s a better driver than most of us. Every day he climbs up into his drivers seat just like climbing up a ladder where he sits well above the rest of the motoring public with nothing blocking his view of the surroundings or the traffic below him. He sits in the best seat of opportunity to look down upon the roadway and to discover potential hazards that happen around him. He sits in the best seat for affording him an opportunity to discover and to avoid those hazards. He sits in the best position to either eliminate, or to at least substantially reduce, the dangers associated with driving a big rig. The tractor trailer driver has a front row balcony seat perched like a buzzard in a tree looking down over the valley.

We then explain to the jury why we have rules, regulations and laws governing the driving of these massive rigs. Every rule, regulation and law is written with the purpose in mind to either eliminate, or to at least substantially reduce, the risk of injury or death. These truck drivers are at the helm of 70,000 to 80,000 pounds of metal, steel and glass moving at a rapid pace down the streets and highways of our state. Therefore, when one of these massive rigs collides with an automobile weighing only about 5,000 pounds, it’s inevitable that the small pedestrian vehicle is going to take the brunt of the collision and consequently the majority of the resulting injuries.

When a law firm agrees to handle a tractor trailer accident case they must be familiar with all of the Federal Motor Carrier regulations and state laws applicable to the particular set of facts involved in the collision. If you or a loved one has been involved in a collision with a tractor trailer truck with resulting injuries or death, then you or they need an experienced trial attorney who knows how to handle trucking accident cases. Expert and professional help is only seconds away by either calling our office or by filling out our “Contact Us” form located on this web site.

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