Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Georgia has the fourth highest number of truck accidents in the nation. It is important to not only understand the auto accident laws of your state but how they apply to truck accidents, which will help to get you through this time consuming process.

Although many people involved in auto accidents are tempted to handle claims themselves, it is discouraged, especially when trucks are involved. It is important that anyone involved in a truck accident hires an experienced attorney that has successfully handled trucking accidents in the past. This is why you want Falanga and Chalker to assist you with your case. A large percentage of Falanga and Chalker’s cases have been truck accidents and they have all gone in the favor of Falanga and Chalker’s clients. Truck accidents can be caused by many different factors and you need an attorney with enough experience to know what to look for.

The following factors may determine who is responsible for the accident:

Driver Inattention: Either on the part of the truck driver, the driver of the other vehicle or vehicles involved in the accident.

Driver Fatigue: A driver is required to get a prescribed amount of rest and sleep when driving a truck. A driver that is tired is more likely to be involved in an accident. Speeding: Large trucks cannot stop as quickly as smaller vehicles due to the weight of the vehicle, therefore, speeding can easily lead to a collision with another vehicle.

Following too Closely: Trucks that follow another vehicle too closely run the risk of a trucking accident.

Mechanical Difficulties: Sometimes there can be a problem with the truck itself that contributes or causes the accident such as failed brakes, worn tires, seat belt defects, faulty airbags, lack of reflective tape, and lack of crash worthiness.

Improper Safety Equipment: The lack of proper reflectors, conspicuity tape, lights, and other warning devices on trucks can result in accidents.

Aggressive Driving: On the part of the truck driver or driver of other vehicles.

Inattention to Blind Spots: Drivers of passenger vehicles that do not pay attention to truck driver blind spots run the risk of the truck turning into their vehicles.

DUI and Drugs: Many injury-causing truck accidents are caused by drivers who are driving under the influences of drugs or alcohol. A truck driver only needs to have half of the level of alcohol in their blood than a car driver to be over the limit (0.04% for truck drivers, 0.08% for car drivers).

Overloaded Trucks: Overloaded or improperly loaded trucks can cause trucking accidents.

Poor Driving History: Some reckless drivers go from trucking company to trucking company with a long record of crashes and other traffic violations.

Negligent Hiring and Training: Trucking companies often hire drivers and put them on the road with little to no training or background investigation.

To help your attorney at Falanga and Chalker you must document everything that occurred during your truck accident including weather conditions, road conditions, and any other factor that could have contributed to the accident. Also the truck drivers name, trucking company, any witnesses, medical bills, ongoing care, and lost wages need to be documented for your claim.

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