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Caution sticker on the back of a semi truck

How to Stay Out of a Truck’s No-Zone

Most people don’t know how to drive safely around large trucks. They swerve around them, follow too closely, or even try to pass them on the right. But what if there was one safety tip that could significantly reduce trucking accidents? If we’re going to impact driver safety, we first need to know how to stay out of a truck’s no-zone.

What is the No-Zone?

The no-zone is a huge blind spot around large trucks, especially tractor-trailers. Truckers have very low visibility due to their vehicle’s height and length. A trucker’s visibility is limited in every direction; if they lose focus for a brief moment, they could lose track of a car that entered their blind spot.

Where is the No-Zone?

The no-zone isn’t easily described; it’s easier to visualize. Some trucks have signs reading, “if you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you,” but that doesn’t cover the extent of the no-zone. To get a better idea of a truck’s blind spots, we’ve put together a convenient graphic.

Truck No-Zone Graphic

From this, we can see that trucks can’t see the first 30ft behind their trailer or the first 20ft in front of their cab. For this reason, drivers should always provide a few extra car lengths before attempting to pass a trucker or merge in front of them.

Likewise, the no-zone is much larger on the truck’s passenger side, spanning across two lanes. For this reason, you should only pass a truck in the passing lane. If the truck needed to quickly merge into the rightmost lane, they might not see drivers alongside them.

Next time you’re behind a large truck, relax and remember these tips:

  • Hang back a few car lengths before attempting to pass a truck.

  • Get past the trailer as quickly as you can, don’t coast alongside them if you can help it.

  • Leave a few extra car lengths before merging back into your lane.

By following these steps, you will significantly reduce your chance of being involved in a trucking accident.

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