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3 Ways to Stay Awake on a Late Night Drive

Each year, 100,000 Americans are seriously injured or even lose their lives due to accidents involving drowsy drivers. If you ever find yourself fighting to keep your eyes open at the wheel, it’s time to pull over and rest. However, sometimes you need a little extra time to find a safe place to stop. For that reason, we’ve put together 3 tips to help you stay awake on a late-night drive.

Cold Air

Have you ever turned the heater on when it’s cold out, only to find yourself dozing off a few miles down the road? You’re not alone! Warm air, combined with the vibrations of the car can make you sleepy.

The good news is you can fight this fatigue-inducing distraction by putting cool or cold air on. Cold air can shock your system awake and make it easier to stay alert until you find a safe place to pull over.

Active Listening

You might also try active listening. Turning on a podcast or tuning in to talk radio can help you stay focused better than listening to your favorite music. That’s because active listening requires a greater degree of focus, which can improve your reaction times and reduce the risk of driver error.

Walk Around

If you’re still struggling to stay awake, it’s time to pull over. That could mean going to the restroom, having a snack, or just walking around a parking lot for a few minutes. These activities can improve your blood flow and help you stay awake for a short time.

However, keep in mind that driving while fatigued is dangerous. While these quick fixes might help you get to a safe place, there is no alternative for sleep. If you are too tired to drive or if you find yourself dozing off at the wheel, it’s time to pull over and rest.

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