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Greensboro, Georgia is located in the heart of Greene County, right between Atlanta and Augusta off Interstate 20. Greensboro is not a large city like Atlanta and Augusta; in 2011 there were only a few more than 3,000 residents.

Only an hour outside of Atlanta and bordered by the Oconee National Forest, Greensboro is the perfect place to get away and take in some of nature’s most spectacular views. Also home to Lake Oconee, one of the best fishing lakes and the second-largest lake in the state, Greensboro makes an ideal vacation destination.

This city is also home to world-famous lakeside resort Reynolds Plantation. Many tourists enjoy staying at the Ritz Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation, where they enjoy lake activities or golf at the resort’s six championship golf courses.

Sometimes someone may find themselves in a position where they have to make a personal injury claim against a city such as Greensboro. For instance, they might trip and fall on a defectively designed or hazardous Greensboro city sidewalk. They may be involved in a car accident or trucking collision involving a city owned vehicle that was negligently driven by a city of Greensboro employee.

Filing and pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a city governmental agency is tricky and can lead to the denial of your personal injury or wrongful death claim if certain mandatory time restrictions are not met. These mandatory time restrictions are in addition to the two-year statute of limitations requirement for a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Personal Injury Claim?

While the amount of compensation injury victims can recover when filing a personal injury claim will depend on the specifics of the case, the types of damages that can be pursued remain the same. These damages are:

  • Economic damages: These damages compensates for financial losses related to your injured, such as medical expenses or missed wages at work due to the inability to work.
  • Non-economic damages: As the name suggests, non-economic damages compensates for non-financial suffering, such as pain and suffering, or mental anguish
  • Punitive damages: The purpose of punitive damages differ from the first two in that they serve to punish the negligent party instead of compensate the injured party.

Should I Hire an Attorney for My Personal Injury Case?

Unlike insurance companies, the legal team at Law Offices of Falanga & Chalker will act as true advocates on your side. Committed to working for your best interest at every step, we will fight for the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. Insurance companies, on the other hand, are focused on what will save them the most amount of time or money. Learn more about how we can help you today during a free consultation.

Process for Filing Personal Injury Claims Against a City

If you have a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a city, county, or state government agency, you should immediately seek legal advice from the experienced Greensboro personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Falanga & Chalker who can advise you of the notice (called “Ante Litem Notice”) requirements involved with your city, county, or state personal injury or wrongful death claims.

For instance, when filing a personal injury claim against a city, the Georgia state law states as follows:

OCGA § 36–33–5. This statute provides, in relevant part:

1. (a) No person, firm, or corporation having a claim for money damages against any municipal corporation on account of injuries to person or property shall bring any action against the municipal corporation for such injuries, without first giving notice as provided in subsection (b) of this Code section.

(b) Within six months of the happening of the event upon which a claim against a municipal corporation is predicated, the person, firm, or corporation having the claim shall present the claim in writing to the governing authority of the municipal corporation for adjustment, stating the time, place, and extent of the injury, as nearly as practicable, and the negligence which caused the injury. No action shall be entertained by the courts against the municipal corporation until the cause of action therein has first been presented to the governing authority for adjustment.

Additionally, a person is barred from recovering any amounts for personal injury damages that are greater than the amount of the city insurance policy limits as any amounts in excess of the insurance policy limits would be barred under the legal theory known as “sovereign immunity.” Sovereign immunity goes back in time to England where the royal rule of law was that you could not sue the King unless the King said you could sue him. Therefore, you can’t sue the city except for the amount of their liability insurance policy because they enacted a statute that says that they are immune from any personal injury liability over and above their liability insurance policy limits for any city.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim?

According to the Georgia Code section 9-3-33, you have two years to file a personal injury claim before the statute of limitations ends. If the statute of limitations runs out before you file you will lose your right to do so, losing your right to recover compensation as well. There are exceptions that can extend or shorten the amount of time you have to file a claim so it’s important to contact a lawyer from our firm as soon as possible to discuss the specifics of your case.

Call the Law Offices of Falanga & Chalker

The eastern Georgia office of Law Offices of Falanga & Chalker is located at the entrance to Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro. The office is just behind the Publix, in an office complex called Parkside Commons. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Falanga & Chalker are very involved in the local community.

Attorney Alex Falanga has served as president of the local county Rotary Club. Attorneys Robert A. Falanga and Alex Falanga are both active members in the Putnam and Greene County Elks Lodge, donating their time and money to charitable causes serving the local Greensboro community.

If you find yourself in the Greensboro, Georgia area and you are in an automobile accident, contact us online or calling (470) 450-1164.

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