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woman texting while driving

The #1 Cause of Distracted Driving

When asked, “What is the top cause of distracted driving,” most people blame cellphones. After all, they say, cellphone awareness is the keystone of distracted driving campaigns across the country. However, when we look at the evidence, we find that cellphones are not the #1 cause of distracted driving at all.

The Facts

The Georgia Department of Public Safety conducted an eye-opening study into distracted driving. While distracted driving is responsible for 25% of car accidents nationwide, it’s less than half that in Georgia.

When it comes to Georgia accidents, distracted driving makes up just 10% of all fatal crashes. Here’s where it gets controversial. The Georgia Department of Public Safety found that cellphones were a factor in just 14% of all those fatal distracted driving accidents.

If the study is correct, cellphone use accounts for just 1% of Georgia traffic fatalities.

The #1 Cause

If cellphones aren’t the main cause of distracted driving, then what is? A Pennsylvania-based insurance company conducted a study to find out. In their report, they found that 12% of fatal car crashes occurred because of cellphones. However, the majority of distracted driving accidents, an incredible 62%, were the result of daydreaming and becoming lost in thought.

Daydreaming while operating a motor vehicle is especially dangerous. Drivers lose awareness of their surroundings and may ignore red lights, fail to brake, or even take risky unprotected left turns.

A daydreaming driver probably won’t notice an imminent crash in time to slow down. They become just as dangerous as an intoxicated driver.

While it takes a conscious effort to drive under the influence, anyone can fall victim to the pitfalls of daydreaming.

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