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Driver approaching truck on highway

Truck Passing Etiquette

Previously, we examined how a truck’s “no-zone” works. But understanding a truck’s blindspots is only half of what you need to maneuver around them safely. Just as important as ensuring you are visible is using proper truck passing etiquette. Here’s how.

Pass Quickly

When you pull out of your lane, you need to commit to passing the truck. You need to pull ahead of them and then merge back quickly and safely.

It’s especially important to avoid driving alongside their trailer, as that puts you directly in their blindspot. If it’s not safe to pull ahead of a truck completely, try to position yourself next to their cab so the driver knows where you are.

Never on the Right

While it’s good to avoid passing on the right whenever possible, you should never attempt to pass a truck on the right. Remember that passenger-side mirrors are curved, which is why there’s a warning that says “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” The same is true of a semi-truck but on a much larger scale.

A truck’s no-zone extends across two lanes on the passenger side. That means a truck driver can’t see what’s directly to their right, or in the lane after that.

Leave Extra Space

Of truck crashes caused by the smaller vehicle, the majority are caused by improper merging technique. Remember, trucks can’t see the first 20 feet in front of their cab and it takes them much longer to slow down than other vehicles.

When finishing your pass, make sure you can see the top of the truck in your rearview mirror before attempting to merge. This gives the trucker plenty of time to see you and hit the brakes if necessary.

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