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Woman and man arguing after car crash

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Georgia Drivers Make After a Car Crash

Navigating a Georgia car crash is hard. The insurance company is constantly looking for ways to shift your assigned fault, either reducing your settlement or depriving you of one altogether. With so much on the line, it’s crucial that every Georgia driver recognize the three biggest mistakes people make after a car crash.

  1. Saying Too Much

After a Georgia car crash, you need to be extremely cautious of what you say to the other driver, police, and the insurance company. Even a single poorly-phrased sentence can turn a cut-and-dry case into a drawn-out legal battle.

When dealing with a car crash, keep your comments to a minimum and let your attorney do the talking for you. Avoid offering information to the other driver or the insurance company whenever you can, as they may use your wording against you and shift your assigned fault, leading to a smaller settlement.

  1. Posting to Social Media

After a crash, it’s tempting to make a social media post letting everyone know you’re safe. However, this can be another issue of saying too much. For example, if you post a picture immediately after the crash and answer comments saying that you’re feeling okay or that you’re not seriously hurt. The insurance companies might use those words against you later on.

Saying you’re fine can be especially damaging if you experience latent injuries that may not be obvious until a few days after the crash, such as whiplash or internal bleeding. Suppose you initially said you were fine but later report a latent injury. The insurance company may claim that your injury is unrelated to the crash and could use that to justify a lower settlement.

  1. No Attorney

Remember that insurance adjusters are trained negotiators. You wouldn’t go into a courtroom by yourself, and you probably shouldn’t go against the insurance companies by yourself either. When managing a car crash, consider hiring a car accident attorney who knows how to talk to the insurance companies and prevent your fault from being redistributed.

Not only does an attorney make the whole process easier, handling all the phone calls and evidence-gathering on your behalf, but people who hire an attorney typically receive several times more compensation than those who handle their case by themselves.

If you or someone you love suffered severe injuries in a car crash crash, you might have a case. If you’d like an experienced Riverdale car accident attorney from Law Offices of Falanga & Chalker to evaluate your case, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or call (470) 450-1164.